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Central Oregon is known as the High Desert, and our natural trees and landscape reflect that. Look around, we have so many pine and juniper trees and sage brush grows abundantly. I love Bend’s downtown area, where many varieties of deciduous trees have been planted. Spring and fall are a sight to behold, I’m always slowing down to enjoy the beauty of the fall colors and the blooming magnificence that adorns the trees with the arrival of spring. I’ve compiled a list of deciduous trees that do well in our region, so we can enjoy the beauty, scent and abundance of color in our own yards.

Deciduous trees:

Mountain Alder, sun/moist 10 ft; White Alder, sun to part shade/moist  50–60 ft;  Quaking Aspen, sun/moist or dry 30–40 ft; Bitter Cherry, sun to part shade/moist to dry 20–50 ft; Black  Cottonwood, sun/moist  100+ ft; Black Hawthorn sun/moist 10–30 ft

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